About Me

Actually, I am the reserved kinds. And that is all i chose to reveal about myself on this public website. If you interrogate me, however, you will find an intelligent, intellectual, philosophical, sensitive, kind, emotional (put any other good adjectives here) but highly demotivated character you can imagine. Apart from a keen sense of technology and logics, I am interested in astrology and palmistry. When you get bored with one, hear the other from me. It will be an englightening experience, I promise. :-)


Age: 27 years Date of Birth: February 19, 1980 | Numerology

Gender: Male | What are Men?

Astrological Sign (Western): Pisces | Today's Piscean Horoscope

Occupation: Database Developer | What do I do?

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India | Where's That? | Sunny or Raining?


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Grad School: MCA 2005, Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad, UP, India


Organization: An idea...
Location: Inter-Galactic
Technical Field: Planetary Mining | Wallpaper
Technology Exposure: Mechanical Bots, NanoDrills, Bioships, Unknown Mineral and Metals.

I wish I could provide more links out here, but most of this stuff is still to be reasearched. Even Wikipedia does not know what I am talking about (as on 22nd Jan 2007). In case it does when you click this link, email me. Why is everyone so late? :-(

Wikipedia, however does know about all the future events expected to happen (for a loooooong time to come) based on what contemporary authors and directors have imagined.


  • Astrology & Palmistry
  • Travelling & Trekking
  • Finance & Stock Markets